Hand Lettered Alphabet

Over the summer of 2015, I wanted to stay busy creating, and decided to draw a letter a day. I became inspired by Mary Kate McDevitt’s lettering, and read her book Hand-Lettering Ledger, which served as a guide on how to create hand drawn type. I found that I was inspired by many of the forms in McDevitt's book, but I added my own style with my own details and patterns within the letterforms. I tend to incorporate stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, and "zentangle" style patterns in my work.

While I was designing this alphabet, I participated in the @handletteredabcs alphabet challenge on Instagram, where I was inspired and encouraged by other lettering artists around the world who working on their own alphabets too. My alphabet was featured in the Artist Collection section of the Hand Lettered ABC's blog in December of 2015.

I have also designed a blackletter alphabet series, and you can view both collections here.