Bettendorf Brewery

Concept: The Bettendorf Brewery is a founded in Fox River Grove, Illinois, a small town with the hidden gem of the Bettendorf Castle nested within a residential area. The brewery and names of the beers are inspired by the castle. They are known for the Drawbridge Dark Lager, Postern Pale Ale and Rampart Red Porter. Each four-pack carrier has a different color and illustration to make them easily distinguishable.

The target market for Bettendorf Brewery beer is upper-class men in their 40s-60s who can afford to spend a little more on their beverages and appreciate locally brewed, craft beer. The four pack allows for larger, specialty bottles that are meant to be reused or kept as a keepsake.

The labels for the bottles were printed by StickerYou, a company that specializes in custom stickers and labels. My project was recognized as one of their Top Customer Creations of 2015, and the project was featured on their blog that you can view at the link here .