Trill Condoms

Trill is a condom company developed to provide women with the ability to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. The company was formed with three different demographics in mind. The condoms are made out of nitrile (hence the brand name, Trill), a material that is latex free.

The first demographic is 25 - 40 year old adults who have annual doctors appointments. This condom has a clinical aesthetic, as these condoms would be available as a sample at doctor’s offices. Patients could take one and ask their doctors about them in confidentiality.

The second target market is the 20-something “girly-girl”, and this condom is the product that would be available in retail stores. The hot pink, feminine lettering pops off the black packaging and would stand out on a shelf.

Part of the proceeds from the retail condoms go to funding clinics for young adult women in Sub-Saharan Africa, a location where AIDS is an issue. The clinics would instruct the women how to use the condom properly. The package is typeset in Swahili, a common language for this region.