Card Series

I designed a series of five cards, and created two different color versions for each one. As I designed the cards, I documented my creative process with timelapse videos from initial sketch to finished digitized design. The timelapse videos help visualize what goes into each card. I uploaded each of the videos to YouTube that you can view on my channel here. I also uploaded shorter clips of my videos to my instagram page and used the hashtag #emsikoracards to document the process there as well.

After I designed and printed each of the cards, I tested how successful they were with the public, both in "real life" and on digital platforms using social media. I sold my cards one morning at a booth at UW-Stevens Point's University Center, and sold some cards to students and professors who passed by. My best seller was the Mother's Day card, which I had anticipated since my sale ran a couple of weeks before Mother's Day. I also had my process videos on my iPad to show people who were curious about how I created each one. Additionally, I shared my videos on my Facebook page, and made more sales to my friends who were interested in the cards.